Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Hire

Your attention is drawn to our Hire Conditions. Placement of your order is acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.


1. The Hire rates include for a two day period commencing at 12 noon on commencement date to 12 noon on the return date. Items not returned by 12 noon on the return date will be charged at an extra 1/5th of the hire rate for each day or part day overdue.

2. A Deposit equal to 50% of the Hire Charge or £10 whichever is the higher or an amount at the discretion of the Company is due together with the Hire Charge at the commencement of the Hire.

3. Customers are reminded that deposits will not be refunded until Hire Returns have been checked.

4. Prices subject to alterations without notice.

5. Minimum Hire Charge is £5.00 collected – delivered orders minimums by area.

6. All Hire Goods and Equipment’s must be returned clean. Hirers are reminded that the cost of cleaning items which are not returned clean is very considerable and in such cases a Special Cleaning Charge will be made.

7. All Shortages, Damaged, Broken or Chipped items, or incorrect items Returned will be charged for based on our current Trade Price List.

8. NO exception will be made to Clause 7 unless such shortages, Damaged or Broken items are reported to this office within 12 hours of the collection of delivery time of any goods.

9. Boxes and Cartons will be charged at £10.00 if Damaged, Part Missing or Not Returned.

10. Orders are accepted subject to these conditions and the availability of the equipment at the commencement of the Hire.

11. Prices are exclusive of VAT.


12. Your deposit is at risk. Cancellations are not accepted within 10 working days of hire commencement.


13. Delivery or Collection is not included in the Hire Charge. If Delivery or Collection is required, a charge will be made depending on distance. Charges will be based on our driver having unencumbered access to a convenient ground floor location and the Customer must ensure that a responsible person is in attendance to Receive or Hand Over the Hire Goods as applicable. In the case of Collection, all goods should be checked, re-boxed as appropriate and ready for immediate loading. Any delays, Additional Labour or Transport or other expenses resulting from the failure by the Customer to fulfill any of conditions referred to in this clause will incur extra charges.


14a. Hirers are responsible in every respect for all goods from the moment of leaving our premises until returned to our premises.

14b. Minor damage is classed as holes or burns not greater in size than 2cm (3/4″) in diameter – These will be charged at £10 per cloth.

14c. Severe damage – A full replacement charge will be made for holes greater than 2cm diameter or where there are more than two burn marks in one cloth. Severe stain damage to clothes will also be charged.

14d. Please ensure that damp linen is left to dry before being packed into bags. Damp linen is very susceptible to mildew, which can ruin the cloth within a few hours. A full replacement cost will be charged for any cloth damaged beyond laundering in this way.

14e. There will be no refund/credit given for any linen returned unused.


15a. Fire. 1% is added to all orders for fire insurance.

15b. Loss, Accidental Damage or injury is not covered by insurance and is entirely at the Hirer’s own risk.


16a. Safety/Operating instructions are provided with all equipment. It is important that the Hirer is familiar with this before operating any equipment. The Hirer is responsible for operating all items/equipment in a safe and proper manner in accordance with the safety operating instructions provided.

16b. All equipment has been checked prior to delivery, if however the Hirer is in any doubt as to safety or proper use turn off/disconnect all services to the appliance and contact our office. No responsibility will be accepted for accidents caused through improper use.


17. Regular Customers wishing to apply for a Credit Account must do so in writing and provide Two Trade and Bankers References.